gphone.exe – New Worm ‘Kid’ on the block!!

Gphone.exe is a file that an instant-message worm infects. This worm spreads through Google chat and Yahoo! Messenger. This “Gphone.exe” worm disables your antivirus security software, and downloads more crapware onto your PC.

If you’re infected with Gphone.exe, you should know what you’re fighting. I’ll explain some definitions related to Gphone.exe.

Gphone.exe May Be a Worm

Worms are virus-like badware with destructive codes. Worms are able to mutate, or replace their own code by automatically, which makes worms very dangerous, difficult to find, and hard to delete. Similar to viruses, worms can spread to the other computers by secretly and automatically emailing themselves to other Internet users in your address book. The main difference between worms and viruses is that a worm wil replace your computer files rather than simply inserting their code into your files.

Wondering how Gphone.exe ended up on your PC? If you’re infected with Gphone.exe or other badware, perhaps you were using…

  • Freeware or shareware: Did you download and install shareware or freeware? These low-cost or free software applications may come bundled with spyware, adware, or programs like Gphone.exe. Sometimes adware is attached to the free software to “pay” developers for the cost of creating the software, and more often spyware is secretly attached to free software to harm your computer and steal your personal and financial information.
  • Peer-to-peer software: Do you use a peer-to-peer (P2P) program or other application with a shared network? When you use these applications, you put your system at risk for unknowingly downloading an infected file, including applications like Gphone.exe.
  • Questionable websites: Did you visit a website that’s of questionable nature? When you visit malicious sites that are fishy and phishy, badware may be automatically downloaded and installed onto your computer, sometimes including applications like Gphone.exe. I recommend you use Firefox web browser, if you don’t already.

How Do You Remove Gphone.exe Files?

Need help figuring out how to delete Gphone.exe files? While there’s some risk involved, and you should only manually remove Gphone.exe files if you’re comfortable editing your system, you’ll find it’s fairly easy to delete Gphone.exe files in Windows.

How to delete Gphone.exe files in Windows XP and Vista:

  1. Click your Windows Start menu, and from “Search,” click “For Files and Folders….”
  2. A speech bubble will pop up asking you, “What do you want to search for?” Click “All files and folders.”
  3. Type a Gphone.exe file in the search box, and select “Local Hard Drives.”
  4. Click “Search.” Once the file is found, delete it.

How to stop Gphone.exe processes:

  1. Click the Start menu, select Run.
  2. Type taskmgr.exe into the the Run command box, and click “OK.” You can also launch the Task Manager by pressing keys ALT + CTRL + DELETE or CTRL + Shift + ESC.
  3. Click Processes tab, and find Gphone.exe processes.
  4. Once you’ve found the Gphone.exe processes, right-click them and select “End Process” to kill Gphone.exe.

How to remove Gphone.exe registry keys:

Gphone.exe warning Because your registry is such a key piece of your Windows system, you should always backup your registry before you edit it. Editing your registry can be intimidating if you’re not a computer expert, and when you change or a delete a critical registry key or value, there’s a chance you may need to reinstall your entire system. Make sure your backup your registry before editing it.

  1. Select your Windows menu “Start,” and click “Run.” An “Open” field will appear. Type “regedit” and click “OK” to open up your Registry Editor.
  2. Registry Editor will open as a window with two panes. The left side Registry Editor’s window lets you select various registry keys, and the right side displays the registry values of the registry key you select.
  3. To find a registry key, such as any Gphone.exe registry keys, select “Edit,” then select “Find,” and in the search bar type any of Gphone.exe’s registry keys.
  4. As soon as Gphone.exe registry key appears, you can delete the Gphone.exe registry key by right-clicking it and selecting “Modify,” then clicking “Delete.”

How to delete Gphone.exe DLL files:

  1. First locate Gphone.exe DLL files you want to delete. Open your Windows Start menu, then click “Run.” Type “cmd” in Run, and click “OK.”
  2. To change your current directory, type “cd” in the command box, press your “Space” key, and enter the full directory where the Gphone.exe DLL file is located. If you’re not sure if the Gphone.exe DLL file is located in a particular directory, enter “dir” in the command box to display a directory’s contents. To go one directory back, enter “cd ..” in the command box and press “Enter.”
  3. When you’ve located the Gphone.exe DLL file you want to remove, type “regsvr32 /u SampleDLLName.dll” (e.g., “regsvr32 /u jl27script.dll”) and press your “Enter” key.

That’s it. If you want to restore any Gphone.exe DLL file you removed, type “regsvr32 DLLJustDeleted.dll” (e.g., “regsvr32 jl27script.dll”) into your command box, and press your “Enter” key.

Did Gphone.exe change your homepage?

  1. Click Windows Start menu > Control Panel > Internet Options.
  2. Under Home Page, select the General > Use Default.
  3. Type in the URL you want as your home page (e.g., “”).
  4. Select Apply > OK.
  5. You’ll want to open a fresh web page and make sure that your new default home page pops up.


Ok…..Where do I start? About a month ago me and my friends had a idea to revive the old and ‘LOST’ techfest of our Computer department. The last edition of this techfest, called by its ancestors as ‘Manthan- Churning Of Mind’, was held about two years ago and then discontinued in the year 07. So we got together to  make it up again. We thought it would be  a walk in the park….but alas… soon we realized, it was not so!

‘Allright’ said we, and went ahead with this Brilliant(?) idea to get Manthan back. When we had thought about “reviving” the good’ol Manthan, we had forgotten the actual definition of the word- (wordnet defines it as: “restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state” or “be brought back to life, consciousness, or strength” ). Oh yes…and so began the journey of RESTORING Manthan.

First thing first: We needed fundings. But the cruel world….. it had nothing to give us. Our own college denied having any money in the funds.(Our college is one of the most ‘prestigious’ colleges in Goa, India). Still we fought, fought and fought…ok ok…we dint fight…but we begged, begged and begged until they gave us some startup amount. So here we were….the start of the new era…a new Manthan. We all feeling so proud…then suddenly it struck us hard…. we needed to start the work.

So up Next: We needed a Logo! First thing that struck us was using the same ‘ol logo. But alas, the fate had something else in store for us….. There was no soft copy of it (Files stored on a computer are called “Soft Copies”). The seniors, sorry Ancestors, had not kept a good record of the Last Manthan. Just when everything was going bad and u dont expect anything worse… the clouds just open up and God says “I hate you!”.

So now the job is on my shoulders to create a entirely new logo for our baby Manthan!So I got on to do some research about Logo designing. And mind you, I found out that its not a piece of cake! There are more then enough people who take it MORE seriously then I do.

Here is a extract from

“Being a fairly active member on several design critique sites, I’ve come across a number of submitted critiques which at first glance, I’m confused because the title will say something like “Logo for my Design Company” and looking at the actual work, it doesn’t appear to be a logo at all. I’m not sure where there were some misunderstandings, but I thought I would make it blunt and obvious for readers of these few steps to know what a logo is and what it is not. It might clear up some people that were under the wrong impression, or it might just be a good brush up for those who already understand the general idea.”

You can read more about it HERE.

Also I found some 9-Rules-For-Logo-Design!!! Now who had known they have this?? Might also have some Universal-Axioms-For-Logoing!!!!

Have a look= 9 rules to creating a logo you can live with and still get paid

Lulinha ….. Who?? – The New Ronaldinho

Ohh yes… he is the talk on every Football Manager around the globe ( of course if they can pay for him ), every football critic and every Brazilian football fan. All big clubs a ready to pay big bucks to get him.



Because he is the Next Ronaldinho.. His playing style might not be the same, but he can cause havoc in the opposition defense. he currently plays for Corinthians and soon will come into limelight as clubs like Chelsea, Barca and Real Madrid are already chasing him.

So beware all footballers…… we have got one more Ronaldinho….

Here are some of his coolest videos:

The Online World… just for U..!

Tired of storing your data on PC and then cracking your head open to find it? Or traveling too much and theres nothing that fits your Flash Drive..? the WOHA! Here is the Online Revolution.. from just storing your notes and calender dates…….to your entire hard Drive files..! Its all you need. Find the Top 100 Online Apps that might interest you….


The watchdogs of democracy have turned on to the very people they are to defend. Last assembly elections in Goa saw these very watchdogs salivating for advertorial tidbits thrown by major political parties their way. Penpricks was in fact, birthed in these revolting circumstances… if you check our archives, you’d see one of our first posts dealt with corruption in the media during the run up to the elections. This story is a sign that Penpricks is slowly finding its feet and has now uttered its first syllable.

Editorials in the Herald are for sale… at a whopping Rs 3 lakh per piece.

U can read the entire story right here:

Protected: File Operations Using C++

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Automatic Restart + Blue Screen – What and Why?

Well yes… automatic restarting of your PC is a major problem in Windows ranking just after System Crash. But give it a moment and think why? Why did your PC restart? What was the reason behind it?

Blue Screen

To help you, Windows designer designed a cool looking, blury, BLUE SCREEN that, at least, most of us fear of seeing. Who want to just switch off from a beautiful background and go to that horrifying blue screen?

But once again think….that blue screen holds a lot of secrets. Well I scrawled through that vast Internet and got this. Hope it will be useful….

iphone India

Oh yeh! u heard it right! Apple has made a special iphone just for India. Features like Miss-call Management Service, Emergency Feign Death Mode, Gutter & Pothole Maneuvering System and others  are only available in the India Edition of the Apple iPhone.

Special Features:
Miss-call Management Service Integrated allows you to make calls to friends without giving them a milli-second to pick up your call.

Irritating Ringtone Killer allows you drain the battery of the offending phones in your area.

Misleading Voice Message Generator plays auto generated voice messages to your boss/parents/wife leading them to think that your phone is busy or out of coverage area.

Gutter & Pothole Manouevering System gives you updated reports on the size, depth and physical state of gutters and potholes on your way to work.

Emergency Feign Death Mode is activated automatically once a user in your STL (Suspicious Tresspasser List) like your dad or mom attempts to access the recent call history or some private folders.

Replace Current Wallpaper with Wife’s Photo mode is well, self-explanatory.

Bulk Conversion of all Pirated Windows Softwares is included considering public demand.


FIFA 08Oh yeh! Its gonna be the biggest awaited game (even more then GTA IV) of the year!! The 3rd Generation Game Play, as EA likes to call it, is gonna be the biggest HIT!! FIFA 07 already has captured the hearts of millions around the world. And expectations ae surely VERY VERY HIGH this season…. lets see what EA has in store for us……the crazy Football people!!!

Watch The FIFA 08 Teaser (Trailer made just to make your mouth drip… [;-)]) here!

Microsoft’s New Surface Table

Evryone check this out: this is Microsofts New Surface table.

The $10,000 (pheww….) table is initially going to be aimed at retailers, casinos and business, but eventually I would imagine the price will drop and they’ll try and push the technology for home use – we’ve seen Bill Gates use this technology on stage at various conferences, and atMicrosoft HQ in Redmond, it is deployed in the company’s “digital home”

Official Link

Hope you like the video..


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